Turkey Historical Places And Tourist Places
Places to visit in Turkey. Museums, palaces, historical and tourist places.. Our country's historical and tourist places..

1. Istanbul Archaeological Museum

 Istanbul Archaeological Museum

General Directorate of monuments and museums of İstanbul archaeological museums Directorate, from the right of the entrance of Gülhane Park in the Sultanahmet district in the Topkapı Palace Museum is on the Osman Hamdi Bey Yokuşu.

Istanbul Archaeological Museum;Archaeological Museum, Museum of the Ancient Orient works and c inili Pavilion consists of three museums, including the Museum.

2. The Temple Of Artemis In Ephesus

The Temple Of Artemis In Ephesus Efes_Ephesus

Selçuk Izmir, Efes (Ephesus) antique city the world's 7 Wonders considered famous Temple. Also known as Astemision. In the years before the one on King of Lydia 560-550 Bc by İon scheme. 356 BC, the same size as a madman burning but was rebuilt as a 3 m high.

55.10 x 115 m marble statue of famous temples, temples of the Hellenistic period biggest. After being destroyed by the Goths in 262 BC, restored.

On behalf of the Bristish Museum 1869-1874 in j. t. Wood and 1904-1905 in David g. Hogarth in the excavations of the temple ruins, was taken to England.

3. Aspendos (Belkis)

Aspendos (Belkis)

48 km. East of Antalya, is an ancient city founded in antiquity. Most important theater.This theater, stage with Anatolia that survived the most stable of the Roman Theatre. has a capacity of 15,000 spectators. During the reign of emperor Antoninus Pius (138-161) was made by an architect named Zenon.

4. Beylerbeyi Palace

Beylerbeyi Palace Beylerbeyi Palace Parodik

Today's Beylerbeyi Palace, Sultan Abdülaziz by II. Mahmud considered demolishing the wooden Seaside Palace, between the years 1861-1865, was built by well-known architect Sarkis Balyan period.

The Palace, usually during the summer months, especially in the foreign State has been used in accommodating of others. The Shah of Iran, King of Montenegro, the Serbian Prince, French Empress Eugenie. Sultan Mehmet Ii. Abdülhamid in 1918, spent the last six years of his life that died at the Palace.

5. Dolmabahce Palace

Dolmabahce Palace Dolmabahce Palace Parodik

in the 17th century the area, which is one of the bays of Bosporus; The Argonauts in search of the legendary Gold Post ship Argos anchored, during the conquest of İstanbul by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in the Golden Horn is where to land their ship out to download.

Beşiktaş Palace, in Sultan Abdülmecid (1839-1861) on the grounds that the wood and unusable, yıktırılmış and in the same place, starting in the year 1843 to the present the foundations of Dolmabahçe Palace from until.Construction completed in 1856 with the perimeter wall of the Dolmabahce Palace, built on a field that exceeds 110,000 square meters.

The leading architects of the Ottoman period, Kanu and Nikogos Balyan main structure of the Palace made by; Mabeyn-I Engineering (Selamlık), Muayede Hall (ceremonial hall) and the Harem-I carry the names of the Imperial School of engineering consists of three parts.

Mabeyn-I Engineering; Imperial School of engineering management of the State Affairs, Harem-I; the Sultan and his family's private life, contained between these two section Muayede if the Hall; bayramlaşması and the Sultan's State notables who reserved for important State ceremonies.

6. The Church Of Santa Claus

The Church Of Santa Claus

St. Nicholas Church or chapel made when he died, was destroyed in the earthquake in the year 529, a Basilica type Church bigger perhaps. On the South side of the large apse by equal with two small apses place today's the majority of the building's north side nave is owned by this first structure.

This church, 8. century earthquake or the Arab invasion was demolished, then again with renewed. 1034 dredged in Arab Navy has been devastated with his flock. 10 years in the Church's left devastated, 1042 Byzantine Emperor IX. Konstantin Monomakhos and his wife is understood from inscriptions at which repaired by Zöe. in the 12th century, the Church was restored again made some inserts into the building.

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